Brilliant, Young, Musical

Three adjectives to describe Giancarlo. Even if it is not easy to find the right definition to represent the essence of him, or for me to describe him despite knowing him and being together with him for over half a century, I can only say it was difficult to get into his mind. Giancarlo said that “all of us are part light and part shadow”…..certainly his light part consisted of music and poetry, his son, his extreme loyalty and his creative sensitivity. The shadows were human misfortunes, false politics, stifling bureaucracy, ignorance, impostors and mediocrities. Generosity came naturally to him and he loved music more than his own self. 
Giancarlo was irreverent, rough, substantial, like the best old Tuscan bread. His life only had a sense for him if he could create music and songs, find a harmony between notes and lyrics; thus when his serious illness made this impossible, on 19th  Jan 2012  “he deaded himself…”. Gianna Albini Bigazzi.