Franco Zanetti
Hands down by Giancarlo Bigazzi

I do want to contribute to the media brothel that has been unleashed on the "Junior Cally case": in a situation in which even the latest arrival feels entitled to express an opinion, even uninformed, I prefer not to enter. But one thing, and only one, I want to write it, and I write it (to someone I have already written in private), to those who bring the lyrics of Junior Cally's songs closer to Marco Masini's "Bella Stronza": don't compare shit and chocolate.

Giancarlo Bigazzi's words are, and will remain, those of a great craftsman of the song, who used them consciously, and when he chose to lower the lexical level he did it to achieve maximum expressiveness.
And before you pronounce (or write) in vain the name of Bigazzi, rinse your mouth.

Franco Zanetti