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An evening full of emotions with songs that have made entire generations dream, great artists, an enthusiastic audience and a great surprise - the arrival on stage of Andrea Bocelli - which left everyone speechless. Now we want to share with you (especially with those who were not present) some moments of a show that will remain in the annals of La Versiliana.

The music of Giancarlo Bigazzi, between anecdotes and stories, was the protagonist thanks to the great voices that alternated on stage to pay homage to the boundless creativity of the creator of many successes: from Michele Zarrillo, to Aleandro Baldi, Giovanni Caccamo, Francesca Alotta , Fellow, Valentina Galasso and Cecille, a cast of great names of Italian singers flanked by talented newcomers, presented by the histrionic Leonardo Fiaschi, who gave the audience a crescendo of emotions by interpreting the most famous songs by Bigazzi and not only, retracing in this way the life of a versatile talent, endowed with an out of the ordinary intuition. Worthy of note is the duet between Aleandro Baldi and Francesca Alotta with "Non amarmi", winner of Sanremo 1992, the touching tribute by Francesca Alotta to the great Mia Martini, the performance by Michele Zarrillo who proposed a medley by Bigazzi, also mentioning a couple of his successes, above all "Una rosa blu". Also present was Marco Falagiani who performed on the piano the pieces written together with Bigazzi from the soundtrack of the film "Mediterraneo".

Absent, due to a flight canceled at the last minute, the young Matteo Bocelli ... who was surprisingly replaced by his father, who lent himself to go up on the Versiliana stage and sing, thus giving an outstanding program of excellence to the audience in raptures.
"It happens that usually in life it is the children who replace the fathers, in this case, it is always up to me - Andrea Bocelli ironized - it is I who have to replace the child; I am sorry for all that part of the fair sex that was expected Matteo, who is young and handsome, but I will have to sing what he should have been singing ... and which I had to drive back to my car on my way here ".
Bocelli then sang the famous "Ci vor il mare" and his great success "Con te partirò" at the piano. Standing ovation and, then, at the end all the cast of the evening to receive the final applause and a well-deserved standing ovation!


Luca Varani

Press Office