Scaglietti-Dini Award

Avoid the Italian brain drain abroad, rediscover those ethical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are at the base of the medical profession understood as a mission in favor of the neighbor who fights against physical and moral pain.
This is the first edition of the scientific award for Scaglietti-Dini orthopedic surgery.
Also because today we need a giant like Soundreef - which is an independent copyright manager - to launch an interesting proposal that we hope will have a great success. Soundreef makes music titles available free of charge to be broadcast as background music in hospitals, nursing homes and recreational clubs that request it. A fair and adequate entertainment music, capable of giving relief to health workers, patients, and those in the waiting room.
A proposal launched from the limelight of Pietrasanta and aimed at a national stage given the presence of Soundreef top management starting from Italy director Adrian Berwick and from Davide D'Atri.
Then the real prize awarded to 27-year-old Andrea Bertuccelli, specializing in orthopedics and traumatology at the Pisa hospital and delivered by the president of the commission, the surgeon of the Orthopedic School of Florence, Professor Fernando Colao.
The award, supported with the patronage of the Municipality of Pietrasanta, by the patronage of Hta Medica Santa Chiara and Soundreef ltd was born with the aim of providing a barrier to the brain drain and the best minds abroad.

From LaNazione - Viareggio Versilia - Enrico Salvadori