Raffaele Giglio

On radio and in digital stores from Friday 03 May

From Friday 03 May on the radio and in the digital stores "Sbatti piano il portone", the new single by Raffaele Giglio ft. Aida Cooper for the GB Music label by Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi.

Raggae-Pop sound with Italian songwriting, this is the world contained in the new piece by Raffaele Giglio in a duet with a great voice of Italian music, Aida Cooper; the artist boasts collaborations with Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Mia Martini, Loredana Bertè, Francesco De Gregori and many others in his forty-year career.

"Sbatti piano il portone" wants to treat with irony the attitude, that more and more people have, to give greater emphasis and attention to the form instead of the substance; following the canons of aesthetic perfection, excessive lifestyles suggested by social media and the media. "- continues Raffaele Giglio -" The point of view is that of a companion tired of the innumerable whims and desirous of a concrete love, based on feelings and if we want, even not compliant with the standards ”.
The song, written by Raffaele Giglio together with Roberto Smeraldi and Alessandro Franco Smeraldi, was recorded at the "Yellow Studio" in Rome, with the collaboration of many Italian music professionals such as Simone Gianlorenzi, Matteo Di Francesco and Carlo Di Francesco.

The project, which sees the production of Giovanni Bigazzi for GB Music, will be accompanied by a video clip to be released in the coming days on the official channels of the same label.