Sanremo 1992

The Codacons reopens the case of the Sanremo Festival of 1992, denouncing the alleged alteration of the final ranking of the kermesse of that edition with the victory denied to Mia Martini. And it does so by sending a complaint to the Communications Authority and a formal request for access to Rai, aimed at acquiring all the documents relating to the 1992 Festival. "We decided to reopen the case after the recent statements by Loredana Bertè who, on the occasion of the presentation of the film" Io sono Mia ", spoke explicitly of" stolen victory ", stating that the final ranking of that edition of the Festival was artefact to assign the victory to a piece by Luca Barbarossa "- explains the president Carlo Rienzi. Inside the exhibit the Codacons also cites an episode of the Rai3 "Novecento" program during which Pippo Baudo, conductor of Sanremo '92, would have admitted these facts. To corroborate the thesis of a possible alteration of the classification the circumstance that Gianni Ippoliti, during the 1992 edition of the Festival, would have anticipated live and before the conclusion of the race the victory of Mia Martini, an episode that may have led to change the final ranking of the kermesse in order to avoid suspicions in viewers. "Therefore we asked the RAI copy of the results of the voting, of the minutes of voting and of all the useful documents related to the Sanremo Festival 1992, and to the Agcom to open an inquiry on the case summoning Loredana Berte ', Pippo Baudo and Gianni Ippoliti to purpose of gathering their testimony on each other "- concludes Rienzi.