Giancarlo Bigazzi Award

Roberto Razzini, Managing Director of Warner Chappell Music Italian, President FEM and member of the Supervisory Board SIAE, in his letter about an article in the Director of Rockol wrote - "I am aware of major initiatives promoted by the SIAE that, since the now upcoming edition of the Sanremo Festival, will begin to give, Authors of the songs in the race, due importance ", we received a statement SIAE It informs that this year on stage at the Teatro Ariston will be awarded, in addition to the interpreter, also authors of the text and music of the winning song. In addition to the already existing "Sergio Bardotti Award" for the best text (awarded by the jury of quality) was in fact established the "Prize for Best Music", where we will be given by the orchestra of the festival and will be entitled (dutifully, in our Alert) Giancarlo Bigazzi, who died in 2012.

Carlo Conti:

     "It 'a duty to highlight the music and enhance the role of the authors of the lyrics and the composer of the music, and it is a duty of the Festival award these figures When so important."


Filippo Sugar, President of SIAE:

     "And 'fundamental right that authors and composers are given the visibility they deserve. Our compnay is proud to have contributed to this important decision of the Artistic Director of the Festival of Song. Giancarlo Bigazzi is been our associate over 40 years and his songs are a piece of musical history and culture of our country. I thank Carlo Conti for the sensitivity shown towards the authors and composers. "

Not surprisingly, the dedication to Giancarlo Bigazzi for an award for the best music; although the general public is best known as a lyricist, Giancarlo Bigazzi was also of great quality composer. And 'these days, among other things, the news in the fourth anniversary of the death of Bigazzi, on 19 January 2012, the city council of Florence has given the green light to the proposal submitted by the Assessor Andrea Vannucci to title him a road: Lungarno Giancarlo Bigazzi, a stretch of road named Fabrizio De André.