PREMIO Nazionale

The winner of the "Second Edition of the National Award Giancarlo Bigazzi" are: category performers singers, Tatiana Paggini from Livorno and Cuneo Carola, from Genova; for Category songwriters, Alessandro Di Gioia, from Florence. The final of the song contest, held at the Auditorium of Music L. Boccherini of Lucca, (city beloved by Giancarlo Bigazzi), which was attended by acting as jurors, Gianna Bigazzi, Marco Falagiani, Franco Fasano, Carlo Bernini, Fabio Ceccanti, Moreno Botti, Giueseppe Anastasi (the cheek of Italian music), began with the screening of a film of greetings and best wishes, specially sent to the organization and to the competitors, the singer Marco Masini, (a gem highly acclaimed by both the public by the singers in the competition) which was followed by a performance by Marco Falagiani, Oscar for best soundtrack with the film "Mediterraneo" Salvatores, who delighted the large audience with a two excerpts from the same film. During the evening Giovanni Bigazzi (son of the Maestro), he proposed to the audience, a video in which the same author sang "Un'apertura d'ali", after which followed an endless applause and in the audience visibly moved you They rose to their feet to pay tribute to the man who for over forty years has written the best songs of Italian music. Among the evening's guests, Giorgio Gulì winner of the Mia Martini Award 2014 and a young pop singer lyric marco Pierucci. At the end of the performances of the competitors Maestro Franco Fasano, author of songs like "Mi manchi", "Ti lascerò" (just to name a few), brought to success by Anna Oxa, performed accompanied on the piano, and some of its achievements Giancarlo Bigazzi. The evening ended with a medley performed by all the finalists, a tribute to the Maestro.