1° Festival Mia Martini

MANTOVA. Music and much more. Readings, exhibitions, theater and dinners. Three days of celebrations to commemorate the extraordinary talent of Mia Martini. The twentieth anniversary of his death on May 12 of 1995, the association "I ragazzi di Mimì"" is organizing the 1st Festival dedicated to her.

On the figure of a woman and an artist so much he has been written. Genius of Italian songs, perhaps recognized too late, enchanting voice that accompanied - and goes - the lives of millions of Italians. A Gazzuolo soprano Giovanna Campanini has founded a workshop, "The children of Mimi", which organized a festival to commemorate the singer Bagnara.

The program was presented at the Teatro Verdi in Buscoldo by maestro Daniele Anselmi, together with the president of Campanini.

The opening is on May 1, to 15, in the council chamber of Gazzuolo, the country in which the "I ragazzi di Mimì" Guest of honor Franco Fasano.

In the library, at 15.30, we will be illustrated biographies of Mimi, read by actors of the company "Captains Courageous". Follow photographic exhibitions, video screenings, show the theater company "Hippogriff". In the evening, at 18.30, in the Benedictine church of St. Peter in Gazzuolo, Annalisa Zapparoli & Paolo Bonazzi, Liri Pasetti, Lisa Galeotti, Gabriele Jeremiah, Marco Biasetti, Samanta Paganini, Matteo Malavasi, Lucrezia Cappadonna and Naomi Farina, will sing for Mia Martini .

On 2 and 3 May events reading, photography and presentation of the book "The last chance to live" of Menico Caroli and Guido Harari, moving to Barchessa Buscoldo. The Teatro Verdi will host, at 21, the musical part, with the collaboration of the Orchestra conducted by Anselmi. On May 3, at 18:30, at the Teatro Buscoldo protagonists of some authors who have worked with the great interpreter: Franco Fasano, Dario Baldan Bembo, Luigi Albertelli, Gianna Bigazzi, Luciano Tallarini, Andy Surdi, Marco Falagiani, Mimmo Cavallo, Mario Gardi Carla Vistarini. On this occasion, the song "Dedicato a Mia" by Giorgio Gulì is presented by GB Music.

For information and reservations at concerts Buscoldo, call us at 0376-410008.