Andrea Di Renzo

What happens if the two Italian "Kings of Pop" decide to join in concert? Delirium, clearly positive. All the energy and emotion of the meeting between Umberto Tozzi and Raf is enclosed in Two, our story, double album on which there is not much to write but that you just have to listen to. Scrolling through the titles, songs that have indelibly scored more than three decades pass between mind and heart, not forgetting (and how do you do?) some hits that have made – and continue to do – around the world.

Already from the first listen it emerges that the two valiant prodigies, at the time of the recording that took place on May 25, 2019 at the Pala Alpitour in Turin, were in splendid shape, in perfect harmony of soul and voice, but this was already clear from 1987 when they showed up in the 32nd Eurovision Song Contest with Gente di Mare, taking third place and placing the single for 27 weeks in our charts. This is history! Nevertheless, these two Gentlemen have often been mist-dressed and snubbed by a certain intellectual critique, as if to apologise for their success and be stigmatized as series B songwriters.

Twenty-five musical moments imprinted on two compact discs (two hours and passes), including three medleys, the first by Tozzi, the second by Raf, the last one in sharing. Needless to point out this or that episode, they are all noteworthy and endowed with special power, ideally transporting the listener in the midst of the warm audience and singing us together. You will sing them just all: Battito animale, Ti amo, Due, Notte Rosa, Sei la più bella del mondo, Si può dare di più, Gli altri siamo noi, Cosa resterà degli anni 80, Muoio per te, Self Control, Tu, Infinito, Gloria. Electric atmosphere yes but also of great intensity, for example in Forget Forget and I Will Walk or Like a fairy tale and Inevitable madness that give a particular thrill.

It is not possible to leave out those who have been deus ex machina of most of the aforementioned songs: the unforgettable Giancarlo Bigazzi, author and producer of talent, "genius" (misunderstood) of the Italian song, "silent craftsman of successes", as he himself liked to call himself. Thanks to his extraordinary talent scouting, he launched the careers of Umberto Tozzi (1976) and Raf (1984), creating in tandem songs that still represent a large part of the lineups of these artists. Who knows how glad he would have been to see his two bald young men sing together?