Fabrizio Moro
Giancarlo was an authentic lighthouse for me

I'm twenty-five years traveling around Italy to make concerts, but this year is special: I'm happy to have reached important spaces with a good audience response. It's the nicest thing for musicians. "
The magic moments of Fabrizio Moro continue, which, raised by the positive participation at the last Sanremo Festival and the publication of the Pace album (the single "Take me away" has won the gold record and 30 million clicks) is bringing Ahead of a triumphal tour that stars him on Wednesday 5th July at 21.15 at Teatro Romano for one of the best events at Estate Fiesolana with his beloved band: Alessandro Inolti drums, Claudio Junior Bielli on keyboards, Roberto Maccaroni and Danilo Molinari at Guitar, Andrea Ra at the bass to propose live the battle horses of the Roman songwriter and the songs of his eighth album.
"In almost two and a half hours of concerts, I've talked to music, suggesting to my fans the new songs and the ones that have accompanied me in these years. There will be no special stage effects and music will be at the center. "
Fabrizio, how did he ever call the Pace album?
"To exorcise my character, which is definitely combative. Although at the age of 43, things are straightforward and straightforward, like paternity, that they are making me daily live in a more serene and positive way. In this regard, the Fiesole concert is also an opportunity to meet so many artists, many friends with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating in the Florentine period ».
Which for her is a special emotion?
"For three years, I lived in Settignano, at Giancarlo Bigazzi's home, the most important part of my artistic career. I met my concert in Rome Marco Falagiani, who proposed artistic production and I was fortunate enough to work for the Bigazzi team in the last years of her life. Giancarlo was an authentic and luminous lighthouse for me. "
What did she teach her?
"A lot. While so many record labels were lost in inconclusive sermons, Giancarlo could, in a few words, convey the soul of this craft. It made me grow in awareness, security in being on the stage. In that house on the hills I made my first three albums. And, under his guidance, I presented my song "Pensa" in Sanremo 2007, where I won in the category Giovani and the critics Award Mia Martini ».
Returning to the present as you pass the summer?
"I will dedicate myself completely to the tour. Beautiful moments must be lived to the full. Indeed, since in October I have a new tour in mind that we will see in different versions of the Italian theaters. New sounds, new arrangements, the same enthusiasm. "