The 'nineties

From 1990 on, great songs were created with Marco Masini: “Disperato” , “Ci vorrebbe il mare”, “T’innamorerai”, “Bella Stronza”, “Vaffanculo”, “Perché lo fai”, “Malinconoia”. The latter song was a big hit and stayed in the hit parade for several months, being number one for all of 12 weeks. Eight years afterwards, the song was translated into Spanish and sung in duet by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who made it an international success!
It was 1992, and Giancarlo wrote “Gli uomini non cambiano”, a masterpiece performed by the great Mia Martini, Gianna’s friend. Announced by the press as the super-favourite to win the Sanremo Festival, it came second with the Critics’ Award, which from that year was renamed the “Mia Martini Award”. He also wrote the song “Cirano” for Francesco Guccini.