Raffaele Giglio was born in Caserta, February 26, 1983.
At age of 10 he approached music by taking piano lessons. Soon, however, he realizes that his vocation is another. In 1997, in fact, it begins to approach the battery, instrument which never abandoned.
After years of study and practice Raffaele, just come of age, he began his career as a session musician with various pop and folk groups, which bring him around Italy and in some toured abroad as well as the drummer, also percussionist.
At 20, he discovered his singing talent. His rock and scratchy voice is not hard to notice. Are many, in fact, the experiences of productions. In 2010, he moved to Rome where he met the artistic director Roberto Smeraldi, who will contribute greatly to his professional growth. Since then, he began an intensive course of study that will lead him to create and record their own songs.
Raffaele is able to tell himself and tell the world that surrounds him, an author and musician who plays the sweetness of love and anger of social issues with a personal style, never assume.

In 2016 he participated in the event "Una serata bella per te, Bigazzi" at the Dal Verme theater in Milan where he performed, together with the two songwriters Giorgio Gulì and Motin, "Io canto e tu" in a revised version of the song written in 1977 by G . Big and G. Bella.
From this idea comes a show entitled "Io canto e tu" that sees him as protagonist in a mini tour of Italian theaters in spring 2017, followed by an extraordinary date, in summer, on the occasion of La Versiliana festival.
During the year he continued his work on his debut album and, in December 2017, the first single "Aspetterò" was released, also presented at Sanremo Giovani, which achieved results on the major web channels.
In April 2018 the second single "Segreto" was released, anticipating the summer tour by touching various Italian cities including Rome, Palermo, Cosenza, Caiazzo and two events at La Versiliana Festival, including a concert dedicated to the Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi.
After a winter spent in the studio, including compositions and recordings, on Friday 3 May 2019 the new unpublished title "Sbatti piano il portone" comes out with the collaboration of Aida Cooper.