For Edizioni Melagrana, on May 1st, the book "Giancarlo Bigazzi - The craftsman of the song" by Ciro Castaldo was released, declaring: "Bigazzi has always maintained that" songs are like butterflies that sometimes take flight ... and then you don't know how far they can travel and settle down ”. With my book, made up of biographical notes, testimonies, memories, interviews, anecdotes, retrospectives, photos and manuscripts, I wanted to recall them, making the right, as well as dutiful tribute, to his brilliant composer who as a skilled craftsman of Tuscany, land of great artists, he has been able to wisely forge them to give way to chrysalises to transform themselves into wonderful creatures and to reach us, entering by right into collective memory.
I also did it by placing the accent on the work, the effort and the self-denial that is behind the scenes of the world of the song in the construction of a successful song which, brought onto the scene by the artist on duty, then becomes a public domain.
Someone said that painting or sculpture are forms of art that you can only admire: if you want and can you can also buy them, hang them or arrange them at home, but you can't make them yours. The song, on the other hand, becomes the one who listens to it and sings it! It becomes (sometimes in the background other times as a protagonist) a living part of the lives of its users.

Ciro Castaldo, journalist and high school teacher of Mathematics, promoter of an alternative teaching based on the relationship and constructivist model of knowledge.
He has been cultivating his passion for music for years. He edited the column Music that turns me around in the newspaper La Provincia Online.
In the spring of 2010 he founded the Rapido Taranto-Ancona, a tribute band of Rino Gaetano, which is still active today. He has organized celebratory events dedicated to Fabrizio De André, Rino Gaetano, Mia Martini, Luigi Tenco.
For Edizioni Melagrana he published Tante facce nella memoria and directs the series I grandi della musica.
He is president of the non-profit association for Mia Martini Universo di Mimì and artistic director of the Mia Martini Festival, now in its eighth edition. She made her personal contribution to the biopic I am Mia with Serena Rossi and to the docufilm Mia Martini, make me feel beautiful, directed by Giorgio Verdelli. Also to Mia Martini (after having collaborated for years with her official fan club Chez Mimì), in 2019, he dedicated the book / cd Martini Cocktail, presented at Italia Sì on Raiuno and in Bel tempo hopefully on TV2000 and in numerous locations and places of artistic and tourist interest including the Temple of Neptune in Paestum and the Piazza del Fortino in Forte dei Marmi.
He curates the section Musical Fractions for the online news newspaper

The book can be purchased, upon reservation, in all bookstores, or on Amazon or directly on the website