Cosa resterà

08/18/2016 - Cosa resterà di quegli anni

Giancarlo Bigazzi. Just a name to identify a repertoire that represents the Italian music.


A long 40 years career that allowed the Master to leave a musical heritage with over 1,300 texts and 32 participations in Sanremo, signing the greatest hits of Umberto Tozzi ( "Ti amo" and "Gloria"), Marco Masini ( "Ci vorrebbe il mare"), Massimo Ranieri (" Erba di casa mia "," Vent'anni "," Rose Rosse "), Gianni Bella (" Non si può morire dentro "), Marcella Bella ("Montagne verdi"). And again "Lisa dagli occhi blu" Mario Tessuto, "Luglio" by Riccardo Del Turco and "Self Control" by Raf; up an Oscar in 1992 for the soundtrack of "Mediterraneo" by Gabriele Salvatores.

The singer-songwriter Franco Fasano: "I joined Giancarlo's home and I immediately recognized that he was the champion .. I immediately recognized in the album covers in piano .. I have a very big regret, that of not having collaborated with him. The fact of treating this event in his memory fills me with pride. My father was a photographer and son of Giancarlo is a photographer in a bank of references that brings me here and if we had not been there I would have hoped that invite me. Take "Vent'anni" tied to my first love .. deepen it and make it become almost a classic piece for string quartet and accordion adds to the point of making even more mature an author sailed ".

The evening will take part musicians, authors, writers, journalists and friends of Giancarlo.
wonderful opportunity for the Florentines who loved him, knew, heard in all its forms and that are recognized in words and music, but above all the opportunity to discover the very young age of the Italian music in which you could shout to the wind: "And I went towards destiny with the enthusiasm of a child."