Gianna Bigazzi

Florence, 26 August 2015 - "Since He's not with us anymore, I fight for my husband's name not vanish into air. I want to do something concrete to remember: I decided with great commitment to produce new artists. The have experience, but I was always beside him. "

Gianna was the wife of the true creative genius Giancarlo Bigazzi, who wrote the greatest hits of Italian pop music - from Vent'anni to Eternità, to name a few -. She's a special woman, beautiful big hearted as well. Now she has become an important piece in the complicated Italian music scene. She discovers talents and try to make them known in shobiz, but finally with real credentials, choosing artists of higher education. Shee knew the work of a young singer, Giorgio Gulì, who wrote has a special song "Dedicato a Mia". Italian rap full of nuances that will also become the symbol of the Mia Martini Award 2015. Every year, for twenty years the award takes place in Bagnara Calabra, city of the singer.
"As a friend of Mimì and as record - explains Gianna Bigazzi - I'm in the jury of this award. And last year Gulì has swept not only the first prize for the lyrics but also for music. I decided with my son Giovanni to produce it with the GB Music. " A rap touching with harmony and great pathos the phases of the artistic life of Mia Martini. Each title is an evocation, an important moment in the life of this great and unfortunate Italian singer. "People have a big flaw - explains Bigazzi - easily forgotten. I think it's intolerable that in Italy no one think that Mia Martini, in Paris, had been identified as the Italian Edith Piaf. "

Then another surprise, right? "Nino Manfredi before his death had knocked out a song called 'Non lasciare Roma'. I found this beautiful song, and warned his wife Erminia. It's a totally new song, in effect not only auditioning but also the last song recorded by Italian actor Nino Manfredi, before the illness. I jumped: I produced and commissioned with his voice and the live orchestra. Because I still believe, with conscious tension, in the parable of the talents. And I believe that privilege obliges to something. "

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