Ho scritto una Canzone

Since June, two days of full immersion to understand the secrets of modern composition, in a seminar held by Maestro Marco Falagiani.
In 1989, a meeting with Giancarlo Bigazzi lead to cooperation, as well as friendship, twenty years that will give the public such hits as "Gli uomini non cambiano", "E mi alzo sui pedali" (song of the television drama "Marco Pantani Il Pirata") , "Pensa" by Fabrizio Moro, the soundtrack of the film "Mediterraneo" by director Gabriele Salvatores (Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film).
In his career, Marco Falagiani, includes participation in 14 editions of the Sanremo Festival conducting the orchestra for Aleandro Baldi, Umberto Tozzi, Mia Martini, Howard Jones, Francesca Alotta, Fausto Leali and many others, and won four editions of which: a as arranger in 1990 with the song "desperation" of Marco Masini; two editions as an author with "Do not love me" written in 1992 by Giancarlo Bigazzi for Aleandro Baldi and Francesca Alotta in the young and "will pass", always written with Giancarlo Bigazzi, in 1994 for Aleandro Baldi in the big.
He also wrote songs for Anna Oxa ("Cambierò", Sanremo 2003) Gianni Morandi, ("Amico mio," song ministerial for handicap 2003), Gli Stadio, Marco Masini, Laura Pausini, Fiordaliso and others.
As a session man has participated in many tours of artists such as Claudio Baglioni, Umberto Tozzi, Marco Masini, Anna Oxa and as Concert Master for Mia Martini, Anna Oxa, Patty Pravo, Aleandro Baldi, Francesca Alotta and others.
He has had collaborations with international artists Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and the vocal group "Il Divo".
In March 2015 he collaborated with GB Music for the arrangement of a performance of the exhibition Ventum...un'apertura d'ali, where he performed on the piano in the company of the actor Marco Paoli

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