Il Giardino dei Semplici is 40 years old and celebrates Friday 24 April at 20.00 D.Scarlatti seat Auditorium Rai of Naples with an evening event entitled "Happy Birthday!" 1975/2015: 40 years of music.

A celebratory feast that will star as the Neapolitan band that will trace his long career in a show with lots of music and many guests live inextricably linked to the group's historic Naples.

During the evening was presented the book "The Garden of the simple. That night I invented your name "published by Publishers Guide written by the journalist and music critic Carmine Aymone (preface by Dario Salvatori, back cover work of the master Lello Esposito). With over 4 million records sold, 1800 concerts, thousand of awards won, the Garden of Simple for over 40 years is a major player on the Italian music scene thanks to its perfect combination of pop-rock mixed with the musical tradition of Italian and Neapolitan. The group formed by Andrea Arcella (keyboards, piano, programming, backing vocals), Tommy Esposito (drums, backing vocals), Luciano Liguori (bass, lead vocals, backing vocals) and Savio Arato (guitars, vocals) will propose his songs more 'famous as "Miele", "Vai", "Concerto in A Minor" and many others for two hours of live concert unmissable and unforgettable. Proceeds from the event will be donated to non-profit foundation of the three hospitals Campani: Santobono, Pausilipon, Annunziata and Unicef ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly.
The drummer Gianni Averardi assembles the group in September, with the provisional name of "Alti e Bassi" (taken from a previous training). Gianfranco Caliendo and Luciano Liguori had already played together in '72, while Andrea Arcella came from a long line of prog bands emerging such Faces Stone.

In 1975 are produced by Giancarlo Bigazzi and Toto Savio which provide the complex a contract with CBS. Meanwhile Bigazzi, inspired by the botanical gardens of his city (Florence), proposes to musicians as "Il Giardino dei Semplici", which was immediately greeted with enthusiasm.
With the new name, the official career begins. Their first 45 laps M'innamorai/Una storia. The single, written and produced by its Bigazzi and Savio, participates with great success in the Festivalbar 1975 and sells 1 million copies. Follows, in November, Tu, ca nun chiagne, makeover pop-rock song of 1915, used by Rai theme for a series of films by Francesco Rosi. The 45s came in at # 3 spot and, over the months, went on to sell 1 million copies (gold record). Overwhelmed by a phenomenal popularity, the group begins to perform in some important local.

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