Mia Martini

"I'd really like to start a "controversy", because intellectuals are quite suspicious of pop music ... I would like to clarify that making this type of music, I'm not referring so much to Marco Masini as to Bigazzi, it's difficult. It is a kind of racism in our country towards the songs built by the "commercials". I assure you that write a beautiful "commercial" song is difficult, while it is very easy to make intellectuals. Is not a shame bringing a little joy to many people rather than a few close friends [...]
I like professional people, who work well and I must say that there are very few people like Giancarlo Bigazzi in Italy. I worked with him, "Gli uomini non cambiano" is by Bigazzi and the identical staff who works with Masini and I must say that I have never had so much fun in my life because they are very cheerful people, so we live really well. Then they completely isolate you from the world when they write a song, I was in Bigazzi's house in Florence for three months when we prepared "Gli uomini non cambiano", we all worked together, a very close-knit staff. I must say that it is fascinating and also fun to be with them. When we finished working I was a little sad [...]"

To listen to the entire radio interview, from 1993, below the link