Giorgio Gulì was born in Palermo in 1993.
At the age of twelve he began to feel the need to talk to people and to life with his words in rhyme.
In 2005, advised by his uncle (also a musician) buys a keyboard and begins to "compose" musical bases combined with his lyrics. Recorded his first songs as a hobby begins to participate in freestyle battles and other events. rock, pop, hip hop, he was put into play anywhere, with anyone, on any musical genre. In 2011 he took part in his first singing competition: "Rock 10elode" (race which involved only the Sicilian high schools), where he won the award for best written text.
In 2012 and in 2013 won the Critics' Awards at the competition "Cantamare".
At twenty years old he won the Sicilian competition "Artist 2000" disputing the final of the national "Great Italian Festivals" in Sardinia. On that occasion, the artistic committee, chaired by Vince Tempera teacher, decrees it ranked first in the section with the unreleased song written and composed by him, "You will not be alone."
With this win Giorgio will perform as a guest to "House Sanremo" in front of an audience of exception, composed by artists, record producers and the artistic director of Radio Italy. It was on this occasion that Maestro Tempera proposes to Giorgio to write a song dedicated to Mia Martini and present it to the Premio Mia Martini 2014 in Bagnara.
In the selection of the award Mia Martini Giorgio meets the author and artistic director Franco Fasano who gives the track tips "Dedicated to My". In the final stage of the competition, in October, he won the "best song best text award" dedicated to Maestro Giancarlo Bigazzi.
To reward was the son of the Maestro, Giovanni Bigazzi, who begins to work with Giorgio experimenting, including various styles and genres. Soon after there will be the meeting with Gianna Bigazzi, wife of Giancarlo and president of the record label GB Music.