GB Music developed from the combination of the experience of the producer Giancarlo Bigazzi, who was present on the Italian music scene for over 40 years, and the passion of his young collaborators.
Giancarlo is a guide who straddles time and space.
The quest begun by Giancarlo Bigazzi is now continued by his son Giovanni, for the creative direction side, and his wife Gianna, who continues to deal with organization and working relations. 
Giancarlo’s abilities were unique: direct and selective, but also a willing listener with a highly sensitive musical ear. He was an Incorruptible mentor and an unconventional pygmalion. His poetic strength was innate, true and deep, and he had a real critical, selective capacity; this was supported by a solid sense of reality which made him a totally honest listener. For him it was important to LISTEN TO every sign of innovation and experimentation, and this meant he was always the one to choose and never the one to be chosen. GB Music too wishes to continue to choose ideas and passions, developing a distinct taste and following a precise plan based on energy and dedication to creativity.
Giancarlo’s humanity, his simple curiosity, his love of music, made him a master of listening and a poet of sentiments, who created around him a true dialogue, a dialogue of sensations and desires. Thus he communicated a real lesson of life and creative energy, giving those close to him ideas and the will to learn and be authentic.
His example must induce us to MAKE music and seek out all the ways to enhance tunes and lyrics. Those musicians who had the good fortune to experience Giancarlo’s talent and sensitivity can testify to this.
Giancarlo was a little big man who suffered poor health for several years. Despite this, he maintained a strong need for music and words, as if they were oxygen. He revealed an incredible ability to react against his illness, dismissing the scepticism surrounding him, and with his customary tenacity he continued his role as skilful talent scout. He was sometimes under-estimated (as in the case of the 1984 song “Self Control”, in Italy). Even in his last years, he showed an intuitive skill which kept him going, and he continued to sow seeds in a soil which had always been fertile in sounds and words.
Giancarlo’s mission is being continued with artists who have differently similar gifts to his, though he remains inimitable….Today more than ever GB Music wants to make the very best use of the musical repertoire created by Giancarlo in his 40 years of career, with Gianna’s fundamental organizational collaboration. GB Music continues to produce music which “keeps up with the times”, using the best commercial and media criteria for proposing Music.  These criteria have changed since the ‘noughties, but GB seeks to maintain an ideal of timeless craftsmanship.
 Music is above all a passion, a need; the composer’s and the sound technician’s artistic motivation is an absolute priority. Then we need the ability to propose a master and choose the right collaborators for the specific project.
One important aspect today is coordination of the project and finding the best means for proposing it to the public, with adequate care given to advertising.
GB Music bothers about contents, about people with valid ideas. Nowadays it is possible to make high-quality music tailored to the specific artist on a small budget. We don’t need to go into famous studios with renowned sound technicians, subjecting ourselves slavishly to other peoples’ schedules. Everything revolves around the harmony of musical production, finding a point of contact between the author’s and the producer’s intentions, in that spirit of collaboration which generates a project, starting from the lyrics and the tune.
We are always ready to renew ourselves, thanks to our collaborators and our production team; our musical research ranges from instrumental Italian pop to electronic experimentations, and we also keep a sharp eye on international sounds.